Woodturning Weekender returns in 2020!
Watch out Kent, the Northern Invasion is coming to West Malling!

We had such a great time at our Birthday Party Weekender – and so did everyone else. So by popular demand we’re going to do it again. For 2020 we’re moving the whole thing down to Kent like a huge travelling circus – only without the tent, ringmaster and the funny trains with the giraffe heads sticking out.

Four turners from the North of England will be invading the area armed with their turning skills and techniques and an array of charm and wit to conquer the area and maybe convert the audience to some different ideas. Hopefully without any blood being shed (because good turning practice and safety rules will be observed).

The dates to put aside are 1 -2 August 2020 – with the weekend starting unofficially early on the Friday evening before with the Looong Weekender. That’s our informal ice-breaker get together before the Weekender starts for real on the Saturday!


Those of you who followed the first Woodturning Weekender story just might be getting a feeling of deja vu here! Yes, it’s Emma Cook, the Tiny Turner who for unavoidable reasons was unable to attend the 2019 event. As we’ve said many times we fully support and understand that decision, so much so that we almost immediately asked her to be one of our Northern Invaders!
Emma is a very talented and gifted woodturner and carver and she loves combining the two disciplines in her work. She has demonstrated all over the UK and has also ventured into Europe and is a firm favourite with club members and exhibition goers, so we’re both happy and lucky to have her at the 2020 Weekender.
Emma will be demonstrating on Sunday at the Weekender, helping to bring proceedings to a close. She will also be in attendance before taking to the main stage and will be sharing her experience and knowledge in one of our Clinics.
You can find out more about Emma at www.thetinyturner.co.uk

Over the coming weeks we’ll be announcing our other three demonstrators and the full timetable.

We’ll also be giving details of our Saturday night get-together. This was hugely popular at our first event so we’re arranging something again.

For 2020 we’re having a fun ‘Pub Quiz’* at a local venue. We can guarantee there won’t be many difficult questions, this is strictly for fun and a chance to come together. There will be plenty of time to chat about the day’s events and anything else you want to. We will need some quiet while the quiz is taking place though!

The evening will include a pub-style simple three course meal as well and there’s a bar available for drinks. And as you might expect, there could be a few surprises during the evening.

You don’t need to worry about organising teams or swatting up on anything, the emphasis here is on having a fun evening and spending time with friends old and new.

*We’re calling it a pub quiz but it isn’t really, it’s not even being held in a pub!

What are the Woodturning Weekender Clinics?

You won’t be able to get your flu jab or even any legal advice, but if you’re looking for help, advice and inspiration for your turning, plus the chance to get up close to fantastic demos, you’ll be in the right place!
There will be several different Clinics available, each dealing with different aspects of woodturning, with experienced staff on hand to offer advice and remedies for whatever ails your woodturning. Expect lots of help, information and demonstrations.