There are several budget hotels and not-so-budget hotels in Canterbury and surrounding areas.

We’re setting up camp at the Travelodge in Canterbury for the Weekender, but there are Premier Inns and others available. Some good deals can be had by staying slightly out of the town centre, we know that many visitors will be staying at the Travelodge in Dunkirk (that’s the one near Canterbury, not in France!).

Prices are changing on an almost daily basis, so we can’t make any meaningful recommendations here, sorry.

A quick internet search should bring up several options, and you can also try AirBnB.

Another good option is the Canterbury Visitor Centre.

We have no connection with any of the hotels, sites or website mentioned. This information is provided to assist and should not be taken as a recommendation.

Why not join out Woodturning Weekender Facebook page and see if anyone else is staying at the same place as you, perhaps car or cab share? We’ll assist as much as we can too!