I know we don’t look it, but we’re 25 years old! Actually, we’re a bit more than 25, we missed the date so the Woodturning Weekender is really our belated (by a couple of years) 25th Birthday do.

We want everyone to enjoy the weekend, and we hope that the demonstrators we’ve got lined up during the daytime will keep everyone entertained and inspired. But it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without a bit of a party of some sort, so that’s what we’re doing  on the Saturday night after the demos finish…and you’re invited!

If you’re staying all weekend you’ll have time after the day to go and freshen up and come back for the evening. If you’re only there for the day you can still come to the party, you can stay in the hall – and there will still be plenty going on, you won’t get bored – until the evening gets going. And if you’re arriving early for the next day, well you’re welcome too!
We’re suggesting that people start arriving at about 6.30.

During the evening a professionally catered barbecue (by which I mean it won’t be us in aprons burning everything!) will be served, to include meats and vegetarian options, bread, salads and vegetables. There will also be a fully licensed bar (at pub prices) available too. Food will start at around 7pm.

This will be a very informal event – a chance to mix and mingle, to chat to the demonstrators you’ve seen during the day or will be seeing the next day, discuss the day with other turners and find out more about them, and even chat to us if you want.

And there will be other things going on during the evening as well, but you know us, we like to keep a few surprises up our sleeve, including…

At about 9.00 we’re having a bit of a grand finale, you won’t want to miss it, so don’t leave too early!

Officially the evening will end at around 10.00pm, (we need our beauty sleep), after our grand finale.
The hall and the bar will stay open late if you want to stay too, so there’s plenty of time to sit or stand around and chat about, well, anything you want really but we suspect woodturning might be high on the list!

We really hope you’ll join us – it won’t be the same without you!

You can book your ticket(s) at any time via the ticket webpage, your ticket for £12.50 covers the cost of your food. Non-woodturning partners are of course more than welcome – we might need someone to keep you under control!