Here I am again, like the proverbial bad penny. It’s that time of year when it’s starting to get manic here, so I’m going to get straight on with it this week. But make sure you stay to the end, there’s something new and a bit special at the end of the Newsletter…

We get new sign-ups to the Newsletter every day – and if you’re one of them, welcome.  Sometimes we get asked a question so often that it bears repeating, either for newcomers or in case it’s been forgotten or has suddenly become relevant. The latter possibly applies at this time of year as a frequent question is whether any of our products are safe to use on toys. The answer is yes, in fact nearly all of them are, having been tested to the EN71 Part 3 regulations governing this. You can find a full list of them on our FAQ page and can rest assured that they have all been independently tested and we hold certificates for them if needed.

Another question was about our Buffing Wheel System and the Large Mandrel; will it fit in a certain chuck or not? The answer is almost certainly yes; as long as the jaws will close down to either 18mm or 25mm it will be able to grip the mandrel and you’ll be ready to go. We investigated many chucks when deciding upon the sizes on the mandrel (it has a step in it to allow both sizes to be used) and we’re confident that it will fit.

Last week I went on a bit about what not to put on top of a wax. It prompted a question from a reader asking exactly what is compatible with what. A tough question, and I’ve tried in the past to create a flow-chart with the information but it just got ridiculously complicated. I’m grateful then to Mandy for her suggestion to do it as a simple box chart, and you can view, download and even print the result below. I’m rather pleased with it and I hope it’ll help you too.

Feel free to let me know if you think the chart can be improved or if there is a better way of doing it. We’re always interested in your feedback.

I’m going to dash off and do some other work now, I hope you have a good week and I’ll be back here next Friday.
If you’re new here I hope you’ve enjoyed the Newsletter, and if you haven’t heard about our Woodturning Weekender then please check it out.

See you in seven