Hello again

The last week has been a whirlwind, I don’t know where it’s gone but here I am back again. I had a great day at Charnwood on Saturday, so well looked after (thanks guys). Great to see some Newsletter readers there, including a lapsed one who had somehow unsubscribed accidentally. Good to have you back.

It has been a quiet week question-wise but there’s always a few to keep us going.
Toy Safety came up again, and whether the Spirit Stains are toy-tested. They’re not, but the information we’ve been given from people who should know is that as long as the stains are completely covered by a toy safe coating (and we have loads in our range) then this satisfies the requirements.

Another question concerned our Iridescent Paints and whether they are transparent or opaque. It’s very much the latter, they will cover whatever they are put onto, but if applied to a very open, unfilled grain they will follow its contours and still show the grain pattern. Incidentally, the Yandles Autumn show takes place soon (apologies if that’s the wrong side of the country/world for you), we’ll have Belinda Matthews demonstrating her wonderful skills using our stains and paints – very worth seeing if you can get there.

And sort of connected with paints, our popular Foam Brushes were the subject of a recent question and whether they can be used with Cellulose Sanding Sealer. The answer is yes…but only a couple of times! The solvent in the sealer will attack both the foam itself, causing it to swell and distort, and also the adhesive used to secure the foam to the stiffener in the middle of the brush. In short it will swell up and fall apart!
The brushes are priced to be semi-disposable but unless you need the great finish they give I’d probably suggest sticking to a normal bristle brush.

And there you have it for another week. It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend (except in Scotland I think) so here’s hoping for some good weather and some good woodworking. Whatever you get up to I hope you have fun and I’ll see you back here next week.

All the best