This little Newsletter of ours goes far and wide. Which is lovely. Because of that, I think it’s worth mentioning our plan to LIVESTREAM THE WOODTURNING WEEKENDER this year. Nothing beats the fun and the atmosphere of being there in person, but if you simply can’t attend, you can watch it all live (or for up to a week after) online. See the Woodturning Weekender website for more details.

I was worried that mentioning our new Wipe-On Poly was a bit too ‘salesy’ for the Newsletter, so I was very grateful for the positive feedback on it. Thank you to everyone who commented, and especially those who ordered it!
We are regularly asked ‘what’s new’, and there are just a couple of other things I’d like to tell you about, if that’s OK?
We’ve recently introduced a PVA Wood Adhesive, in Interior and Exterior Grades. Currently only available in 250ml size (other sizes will follow), this is a very high quality glue, does a simple job very well. As I often say about CA Superglues, not all glues are created equal, and we pride ourselves on the quality of ours. A small but important factor on ours is the ‘twist to open/close’ nozzle, which reduces mess and is very convenient.
The other thing I wanted to mention is that we’ve added a new colour to our Rainbow Wax range. Teal is the latest addition, following the discontinuation of Vivid Blue (it was a bit too similar to Bright Blue, so we tossed a coin!).

An emailer this week commented on our Finishing School series. These are the ads we run in Woodturning and Revolutions, showing how to use our products and get the best from them. They are often mentioned at shows as well, as being very helpful.
Why, we were asked, aren’t they all available to view on our website? The answer is simple; time, or, more accurately, a lack of time! The good news is, I got my brain in gear, and the full set of 38 are now all available to read, and refer back to our website.

Just pop along to the Finishing School page, scroll down past the videos (you can watch them later!), and there they are.

Talking of the videos, we’ve been back in the studio at last, and should have some new ones for you soon.

Finally, for this week, a question from someone making serving boards using live edge timber. They were applying Food Safe Finish to the main surface, but wondered if it was acceptable to use Melamine Lacquer on the bark.
We see no problem with this, this area shouldn’t come into contact with food, so that needn’t be a consideration. The lacquer should also help bind the bark to the wood, keeping it in place longer. It will, no doubt, fall off eventually, but we reckon it should help keep it attached a bit longer.

I’ve read that it’s good practice to ‘clean’ a mailing list every so often, removing those subscribers who no longer open the emails. Doing so can help avoid emails going to spam etc, so it seemed a good idea. I tried it this week, writing to everyone who hadn’t read the Newsletter for several months – according to the software program. Apparently, the program is wrong! Lots of people wrote back saying they read it every week, and keep sending them. Some people wrote back apologising for not reading them, which was very kind, but totally unnecessary. But it was good to know that so many people care about the Newsletter. This exercise took a lot of my time, far more than it should have, but the positive response made it worthwhile. Even so, I won’t be repeating the project!

I will, however, be back here next week.