We’ve been busy in the editing studio again (more accurately, the guys at Offset Films have been busy!). They’ve been putting the finishing touches to another great colouring video that we created with Stewart Furini recently. It was great fun, as always, and resulted in an entertaining and highly informative film, this time using the Iridescent Paints. It’s just gone live on YouTube, and you can watch it >>>HERE<<<

Along with our Compatibility Chart, and our Solvents Chart, I was asked recently about a ‘Process Chart’, giving the order in which products could be used. I thought about this, but really, the Compatibility Chart already does this.

It reminded me of the point I made recently about, for example, putting Ebonising Lacquer over Spirit Stain; it can be done, but it seems rather pointless, so it’s not listed on the chart. Which is to say, the Compatibility Chart not only shows what works with what, it also shows ‘best practice’. For example, what come first, a stain or the sealer? The chart says ‘Yes’, you can put a sealer over a stain. But it also says you can’t put a stain over a sealer – ergo, yes, stain goes on before the sealer. Never underestimate the power and usefulness of the Compatibility Chart!

Another question that came in was about Melamine Lacquer – can it be used to coat a melamine surface? Sadly, not really; most melamine surfaces are designed to clean easily by preventing things from sticking to them – which will include most coatings applied!
Our lacquer is, to give it its full title, a Melamine Modified Pre-Catalysed Lacquer, but, as that’s a bit of a mouthful and wouldn’t fit on the label, we treat it like a pedigree and use a short version of its name!

Circling back to the Compatibility Chart, it looks like we’ll need to update it in the not too distant future; we were asked recently about which sealer to use under our new Wipe-On Poly, as it’s not on the chart. The answer is that either the Cellulose Sanding Sealer or the Acrylic Sanding Sealer (brushing or aerosol) can be used.

Phew! It’s been hot here this week, and I suspect it has been for you as well. I’m not really complaining (give it a few months and we’ll be moaning it’s too cold!), but just remember how extremes of heat can affect your finishing; it can be best to wait until early evening to apply them at the moment!

I’ll be back with more next week