Your weekly Q&A Session with Chestnut Products

Hello, here we are again with more questions and more answers!

Another easy start this week, we’ve just been asked if Melamine Lacquer can be applied over a polyurethane varnish. Whilst we can’t be 100% sure as varnishes vary, we wouldn’t recommend it as the solvent in the lacquer is likely to attack the varnish. Any reaction would show up almost immediately, so a test would be a good idea.

Another question about Melamine Lacquer, this time about whether it will withstand boiling water. Once cured it will resist it, but it’s liable to affect the appearance of the lacquer and spoil it, so it wouldn’t be recommended.

A regular user of Gilt Cream contacted us; he normally puts a wax over the Gilt Cream but is making a box for someone and wanted something harder wearing. What would be compatible? Hard Wax Oil will do the job, a thin coat will seal the Gilt Cream in and protect it at the same time.

At a demo we were asked about the best finish to put over Spirit Stains to stop them redissolving and running. Our favourite is always the aerosol finishes as the lack of mechanical contact means the stain stays where you put it. Here’s a picture of one of the items that needed finishing – and yes, that’s painted with Spirit Stain! Amazing!

Strangely enough, we were asked the same question a few days later and gave the above answer, but on this occasion it wouldn’t work; the project was a ‘do-over’ bowl and the caller wanted to protect some stain on the rim but didn’t want the overspray on the inside of it.
In these circumstances we suggest either the brushing Acrylic Lacquer or one of our oils, they will do the job but it’s important not to overbrush them as this just might loosen the stain.

That’s everything for this week, I’ll be back again next week with some more for you.
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Enjoy the weekend!


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