Hello again

I’m back from holidays and ready to dive into the forthcoming exhibition season, building up to Harrogate in November. But before that I’m off to Brize Norton next Tuesday for another one of my demos, looking forward to that as always and hopefully see some Chestnuteers there.

Meanwhile…the Burnishing Cream and Cut’n’Polish thing keeps rolling on! We were asked which would be best for use on acrylics and resin. The answer is that they’re both as good as one another, although the Burnishing Cream gets my vote – if you’re making something from a plastic I’m not sure that you really want a wax finish on top of it, it just seems wrong to me.

I try and write questions as they come in – it doesn’t always work if I’m halfway through another job (usually with five more waiting to be done as well!) but I kid you not, another Burnishing Cream question has just been asked! Can it be used on Hard Wax Oil? The label says not to use it on wax, which is correct; wax is too soft and the Burnishing Cream would abrade it rather than polish it, a cloth is all you need for that. But the Hard Wax Oil is a tough enough coating that it’s quite ok to use the Burnishing Cream on it, we class it as an oil not a wax. And it works a treat on it too!

Lastly this week we had an enquiry from a guitar maker about our Net Abrasive. He was singing its praises about how wonderful it is and asked what was the finest grit rating it goes to. At the moment it stops at 400 grit, but we are looking at an alternative that goes much finer; we probably won’t be able to do anything about that until next year, we’ve just got too much other stuff going on at the moment, but watch this space.

That’s all for questions this week, just a quick word about our Woodturning Weekender if I may. Tickets are selling well and we’ll be revamping the website soon with lots more information. I’ll let you know then that’s done, but in the meantime there’s still loads on the existing site. I’ll put a button at the bottom of the page in case you’re new here!

All the best