Lots of readers signed up for the Woodturning Weekender bulletins last week, (obviously can’t get enough of my drivel), thank you. If you did you’ll know that we’ve had to postpone, but will be taking the event, in a slightly different form, online instead. All the fun beamed direct to your home. I’ll no doubt be mentioning it again before it all happens, we’re hoping it’ll be something you wouldn’t want to miss.
Let’s get to the questions…

A question came up in a round-about way about using a wax to lubricate an abrasive when cutting back a final finish. We suggest smoothing back with a fine abrasive (a Green NyWeb does the job beautifully) and lubricating the abrasive with Microcrystalline Wax. The questions were ‘how does this work’ and ‘why this wax’?
This wax is the preferred option as it’s slower drying, so it stays wet long enough to be useful. It should be possible to complete a job (depending on size of course) before it dries and clogs the abrasive. Remember, this should only be a light touch. Using the wax should also make it much easier to avoid any accidental scratches in the surface of the finish.

‘Are our Iridescent Paints tested to the EN71-3 regulations and classified as Toy Safe?’ is a question I’ve literally just been asked. The answer is that they haven’t been tested, and we’re not sure that we will. This is because for a toy we’d recommend applying a lacquer over the top, and as long as the lacquer used is one of our Toy Safe ones then this will suffice. It’s important that the lacquer cannot be removed or broken away for compliance. The same principle applies for our stains.
There was a change in the regulations for toy safety recently. The allowable limit for Chromium has been reduced and whilst this shouldn’t affect us, we need to re-test to be fully up to date. We started the procedure earlier this year, then for reasons you can probably guess everything ground to a halt. The testing lab is now up and working again and we’ve just submitted samples for evaluation; I’ll let you know what happens.

A slightly cheeky one to finish with this week; we’ve been asked a couple of times about the Chestnut Products face coverings we’ve had made.
These are ‘necktubes’ which are a slightly elastic cloth tube; slide it over your head and it becomes a scarf, pull it up and it’s a face covering (although it’s not a medical mask). It’s great for keeping your face warm on cold days and if you’re lucky enough to have hair it can even be used to keep it out of your eyes like an Alice Band.
The question that we keep getting is ‘where can I get one’?
The easy answer is that we give these away with orders placed with us for £20 or over – and we’ve been surprised by just quite how popular they’ve been.
At the moment we don’t have the facility to sell them individually, but we are working on it. When we have it sorted out they will be £2.50 each, plus £1 postage (We can post these so that keeps the cost down, but they’re just too big for a ‘small letter’ sadly).
If you can’t wait, just give us a call and we can sort this out over the phone for you, or email me with your requirements.

And already we’ve come to the end of another Newsletter. Doesn’t time fly? We’re still getting several new subscribers every week and lots of nice comments, thank you one and all. Your support is very much appreciated, we never take it for granted.

And I’ll see you again next week!