I know the days are getting shorter, but so are the weeks I think! It really only seems like a couple of days ago that I was writing my last Newsletter to you! I hope you’ve had a good week, all is well at Chestnut HQ and we keep getting on with what we’re doing.
It’s Question and Answer time!

Compatibility is always a popular topic when talking about our products, and I covered this in part recently when I mentioned the Compatibility Chart (every home should have one).
I was asked whether lacquer can be put over a wax, and the answer is no; but I thought the reasons why might be of interest, so it’s worthy of inclusion this week. Firstly, waxes are relatively soft, whereas a lacquer is very hard. The wax will give slightly, but the lacquer won’t, and will crack and/or craze.
Also, waxes are very good at stopping anything else sticking to them. About the only thing a wax really likes over it is more wax, so a lacquer will have trouble adhering. Which one will cause a problem first is hard to say…it’s best not to be in a position to find out!

Another question this week about using Food Safe Finish on the inside of a drinking vessel. It’s not something we really recommend. The coating isn’t meant to make a surface watertight. It will hold liquid for quite some time, but repeated wetting and drying will affect the timber and the finish. In this case, the vessel was for personal use, and re-coating it was possible, which is good, and the owner/maker was aware of the limitations of timber and will be watching for signs of wear. Selling such an item to a third party who might not be so aware, is probably best avoided.

And finally, a question from someone looking for a product to seal the end grain of freshly sawn oak boards. Would End Seal be suitable? To be honest, it’s why we sell it! Further questions followed, and I was able to advise that the product can be applied by brushing or dipping, and that up to three coats can be required. Once dried, the coating will last outside and, unless damaged, will not require reapplying.
We were quickly rewarded with an order for the product; we’re confident that the purchaser will be happy with it.

There was another question this week, but it doesn’t really fit in with the normal one; will we be doing another quiz?! The answer is yes! I was hoping to do one before the Weekender, but time disappeared. I’m off on holiday soon, but once my batteries are recharged I’ll get one sorted out. You have been warned!

Have a great week