The weather has cooled, the nights are drawing in, and I think everyone is returning to their workshops and getting back to woodwork. It certainly seems that way as we’ve started to get busier too. Are you working on any special projects? If so, don’t forget to send us a picture that we can feature in the Newsletter one week.

One of our regulars called a while ago asking about staining, and in particular how to get a clean edge between one colour and another without it bleeding across. This can, of course, give a nice transition from one colour to another… but if you want to get a defined line that can be a little harder to achieve. About the only way I know to do this is to ‘draw’ a pyrography line where the colours will be next to each other. I think it’s the charring of the timber that keeps the colours where they are put, rather than wicking across.
It occurred to me that (very) careful masking and the use of an airbrush might also have some success, I’m checking this with some of our airbrush using friends…

Another question from a regular contributor asked if the Rainbow Waxes can be mixed together. It’s not something I’ve tried, or even thought about, as their consistency (a paste wax) makes this difficult. But I encouraged our correspondent to have a go, and let me know. I’m pleased to report that he did this, and the results were very interesting.
The waxes mixed together to create a new colour, but a stippling method of application shows all three colours. I think this can definitely be classed as a success, and worth experimenting with. Be prepared to use Reducer to keep the waxes soft enough to mix though, as they dry very quickly.

Finally for this week, a question about Cut’n’Polish. The label suggests sanding to 240 grit, then using the abrasive paste to take the timber to an exceptionally smooth surface. But can the timber be sanded to finer than 240 grit? The answer is yes, it can, but there will come a point where you’ll end up doing the job of the Cut’n’Polish, making it, by and large, redundant!

I’m off on holiday today; depending on what time you read this I might even be there, but more likely I’ll be in transit. The rest of the Chestnut team will still be working hard though (they’ve already had their holidays, don’t worry), and everything will continue as normal – possibly smoother! Melissa will be taking over the Newsletter for next week; she’s already been busy making notes.

When I get back I’ll be heading off again almost straight away up to Yarnfield Park for the AWGB Seminar. I’m even going to be doing a couple of demos there. If you’re there too, please do come and say hello.

All the best