Your weekly Q&A Session with Chestnut Products

…and I’m back! Hello!

(Sorry this is late this week, slight technical hitch!)

I always like to start these sessions with an easy question – it’s a bit like Popmaster – so this week it’s a question that crops up every now and then, about NyWeb. Didn’t we used to do a Grey one? Yes we did, but we changed the colour many, many years ago to Orange, for numerous reasons, but mainly to avoid the confusion between the Grey and Green. The Orange version is the same grit rating, just a different colour. And we’re quite insistent that it’s Orange, not yellow.
I suppose it could be saffron but that just sounds pretentious, and…

…it would mean that our easy to remember method of which order to use the NyWeb in – another regular question we were asked again this week – wouldn’t work. In case you’ve forgotten, haven’t seen the video or were never sure in the first place..
Green (400 grit)
Red (600 grit)
Orange (1000 girt)
White (non-abrasive).
If you take the initial letter of each colour you get ‘GROW’ which should help you remember. (GRYW just wouldn’t work!)

We also suggest using our aerosol sealers and lacquers over our stains to avoid the solvents in the lacquer making the stain run. We were contacted by someone this week spraying sealer using a spray gun and exactly this had happened, which confused us at first as the same, non-contact principle should apply. Upon further questioning we found out the the sealer had been overthinned and then sprayed onto an upright surface; it wasn’t just the stain that was running, the sealer was too thin to stay in place and was taking the stain with it.
Although many of our sealers and lacquers will need to be thinned before use through spray equipment it is usual to only thin them about 10%.

And finally this week a quick question for you. Have you seen our latest film? It’s very short, less that two minutes, so if you haven’t you can see it here.

With that I’m going to close for the week, it’s been very busy and we’ve still got all of Friday to go! This time next week I’ll be in Newark at the geographically mis-named ‘Midlands Woodworking Show’, I really hope I might see you there, please come over and say hello!

All the best