Hi, I’m back again.

Well, actually, I’m not physically back, I’m still on holiday but the Newsletter continues; I know many of you look forward to it every week and for some it denotes that the weekend is nearly here.
So I don’t like to deprive anyone, and as per last week I’m going to be green and recycle some old questions from the very early days of the Newsletter – maybe from before you joined even…

Here we go then…
We were asked how long Melamine Lacquer should be left before polishing it with Burnishing Cream. As anyone who’s seen one of my demos will know,  I use Burnishing Cream on top of Melamine Lacquer after about 5 minutes (it depends how much I’m jabbering on about it!) and this is quite acceptable. We’ve been told though that if you can leave it 24 hours the result is even more impressive.
Burnishing Cream can be used on Cellulose Sanding Sealer (but only a wax after this please), any of our lacquers, Friction Polish and even on Hard Wax Oil and Finishing Oil, as long as they are allowed to dry hard – in the case of the oils 72 hours is best.

We were asked if our Tung Oil is a pure oil or if it contains any solvents or other additives. The answer is that our Tung Oil is completely natural, with nothing added or taken away – which is great if you’re looking for a hard-wearing solvent free finish, but there is a trade-off here, Tung Oil can be very slow drying, taking days or even weeks if applied too thickly. Your patience will be rewarded with a lovely finish though!

And finally this week, a follow up to a question asked at a recent club demo. I’ll just reproduce the email here which should tell the full story:
‘Hi Terry, I spoke to you at the club meeting last Monday (3rd) regarding the poor finish I had on my oak worktop after having applied 5 coats of finishing oil. You suggested I do a wet sand [using Finishing Oil], which I did using the Orange NyWeb Pad, followed by a second wet sand 24 Hrs later and I’m pleased to say it worked ! Very happy with the finish now, so big thank you for your help.’

I mentioned at the start that the Newsletter means the weekend isn’t far away; neither is our Woodturning Weekender, which I’ll be concentrating on when I get back. If you haven’t booked yet please do, it’s going to be a brilliant event, we’re working really hard to make it as good as it can be and it’d be lovely if you can join us there.

I’m back in the UK for next week’s Newsletter with some fresh questions, so I’ll see you then.

Take care