Q. I live in (anywhere in the world). Who is my local stockist?

A. Yes, we do get asked that one a lot! A full list of our stockists is available on the Stockists page. We keep this list as up to date as possible and if there isn’t a listing in your area that will be because we don’t have a stockist there. Should that be the case, please feel free to ask your normal supplier to get in touch with us!

Q. I’ve seen the demo of colouring wood on the lathe but I can’t quite remember all the processes. Can you help?

A. Yes, you can view a step-by-step photographic version here . We’re grateful to Andy from Cobweb Crafts for allowing us to use this information.

Q. Are the Chestnut Products’ Spirit Stains safe for use on toys?

A. We have not had the Spirit Stains toy-tested as we have been advised that provided they are completely enclosed within a toy-tested finish it is not necessary for them to comply with these regulations. The following products from our range have been independently tested and passed the relevant part of the EN-71 Regulations: (Updated version 2019)

Acrylic Lacquer
Acrylic Sanding Sealer (both types)
Cellulose Sanding Sealer (both types)
Melamine Lacquer (both types)
Finishing Oil
WoodWax 22 Clear
Microcrystalline Wax
Shellac Sanding Sealer
Hard Wax Oil
Acrylic Gloss Lacquer
Acrylic Satin Lacquer

Q. What is the shelf life of your products?

A. As an unopened, properly stored product, we give a 12 month shelf life on all of our products.
Once opened, there are many factors that can affect the shelf life of the products. Most of our products don’t require any special measures, but bear these points in mind:

Any water based products (Acrylic Lacquer, Liquid Wax etc) should be protected from frost as this will destroy the product completely.
Superglues should be stored in a cool, dark place. The ideal temperature is 4°c, it is not necessary to freeze them.
Aerosols should be stored safely as directed on the cans.
After opening:
Obviously, always replace the caps/lids after use. Wipe the nozzle of Superglues before putting the lid on – you’ll only swear if you don’t!
Certain products oxidise with the air in the can and thicken with age. Finishing Oil and Tung Oil are the two that do this; if the oil is a little thick when you come to use it you can add some white spirit to it to bring it back to a usable consistency. Prevention is better than cure though, so to avoid this happening either use the Oils quicker or decant them into a small jar (with a lid) so that there is little or no air gap. Another trick is to put small, clean pebbles in the opened can to fill the air gap.
Acrylic Lacquer and Acrylic Sanding Sealer also thicken with age, but this is a chemical reaction and is unavoidable, so don’t stockpile these products. If they haven’t gone too far then the addition of a small amount of water (you’ll be surprised how little is needed) will bring the products back to a usable state.

Q. Do Chestnut Products give demos at clubs?

A. Yes, subject to certain conditions. If you would like more details please send an email here

Q. Why didn’t Chestnut Products produce Cellulose Sanding Sealer or Melamine Lacquer in an aerosol for so long?

A. We weren’t keen on heavily solvent based products being sprayed in sometimes small workshops. Our acrylic aerosols are a little slower drying than the cellulose ones but are actually tougher and harder-wearing and we felt they were a very good alternative. However, customer demand has now lead us to produce these products and they are now available!

Q. I am a member of a woodturning club and we run a shop for members. Can Chestnut Products supply us at a discount so we can sell to our members?

A. Where possible we encourage clubs to support their local stockist and have made an arrangement with many of our stockists (and we are hoping that more will join soon). Clubs can order from stockists and provided proof can be given that it is for a bona fide club and a minimum order size is met (usually £200) a discount of 20% will be given. Other charges such as delivery etc are by negotiation between the club and the stockist.

Stockists participating in this scheme are marked on our stockist list with a †.

Where it isn’t possible for clubs to buy from a stockist we can supply direct on the same terms as above, please contact us for more details.