Your weekly Q&A Session with Chestnut Products

Hello, if this is in your inbox it must be Friday again!

First of all a warm welcome to our new subscribers from my demo at Worcestershire Woodturners, great to have you onboard despite the technical problems signing you up!
Secondly, an apology about last week’s Newsletter; not for what it was about, it was just that I re-read it a couple of days later and realised there were a few typos in it, sorry, that’s what I get for rushing.

Hopefully no errors this week as we move onto the first question, something we have often been asked, about using our Spirit Stain to tint epoxy resins and other products. The base of the stain makes it very suitable for mixing with most products, so whilst we know it will mix with our Cellulose Sanding Sealer and Melamine Lacquer for certain we’re also pretty confident it will mix with other products too. Whilst a small test is recommended – and any incompatibility will show up pretty much straight away – we reckon this should have a high success rate.

Another question this week was about End Seal and whether once dry it will reactivate and dissolve if exposed to water (in this case items left outside in the rain). Whilst we don’t have specific data about this our experience is that once dried the End Seal forms a water resistant film unaffected by water and so this should be perfectly safe.

And finally this week,  we received a non-technical question, about the social enterprise company we work with who do the bulk of our packaging and labelling.  We were asked for more information about them and to include it in the Newsletter as others might find it interesting. I hope you do but I’d like to stress that we don’t see this as a sales or marketing ploy, they provide a service that we need and pay for (and they do a good job) and it also allows us to be involved in the local community.
The company are called Realise Futures and they provided the following information (which I have abridged slightly):

“Realise Futures CIC is a social enterprise whose aim is to improve the social wellbeing of people, whilst contributing to the economy in our communities with opportunities in learning, employment support and work.   As a registered Community Interest Company we re-invest our profits back into our business.

We have 6 social businesses based in Suffolk including our Fulfilment company where we get products packed, wrapped and dispatched for businesses such as Chestnut Products.  As an employer we lead by example with 30% of our workforce having a declared disability.  We offer work placements, employment and training opportunities through our additional Adult Learning and Employment services to people who have been long-term unemployed, have had health conditions which have made it difficult for them to sustain employment, or who are disabled and/or disadvantaged.

We believe every individual deserves the opportunity to realise their potential and to be given the choice to earn, learn, enjoy and achieve.  Success for our business is measured by the positive impact on the lives of those we support and the progress they make, as well as the profit we generate.  Our customers not only appreciate that they can easily outsource to us – enabling them to concentrate on what they are good at – but they also see the value of the work we do in helping people who are disabled or disadvantaged.

At Realise Futures we take care of people as well as business….”

I think that’s a suitably positive note to end on, I’ll be back next week with more questions and answers, until then have a good one.