Did I get the date right this week?? I’ve been fighting with the software for the last couple of weeks, it seems to be behaving itself now, at last!
How has your week been? I’ve crammed a lot into mine, I hope yours has been good too.
There’s less than three months to go to the Woodturning Weekender! Where has that time gone? If you keep meaning to get your ticket and haven’t done so yet, what are you waiting for? It’s always a friendly event with lots going on, so head over to the Weekender website and check out the tickets.

Time for some questions – and answers!
We get a number of questions about our End Seal – that’s the emulsified paraffin wax we supply to seal the ends of timber to slow the drying process, thus (mostly) preventing it from cracking.
We were asked this week about the coverage rate for it, which is not an easy question to answer. The nature of the product, and the way it’s used, makes it impossible to give a totally accurate answer, but we’d reckon somewhere in the region of 3-4 square metres per litre, per coat. A couple of coats are usually recommended.
We’ve also been asked if the dried film is water-resistant, and it is, so if the timber is stored outside and the ends get wet, it won’t wash off.

Another question asked how to tell which oil had been used on a piece. Our correspondent wanted to refinish an item, but couldn’t remember which oil he’d originally used on it. Sadly, there’s no easy answer to this one. We don’t recommend mixing oils on a piece, but chances are if the original coats were applied a long time ago, they will be completely cured, and it shouldn’t matter if a different oil is used. As always, a test area is recommended, perhaps on an item that could be sacrificed (or at least cut back and refinished if needed).

The safest bet is to use a wax, this will almost certainly work, but if it has to be an oil, it’s best to be a little cautious.

The last question I’m including this week is a bit cheeky, but hopefully it’ll still be useful, especially to any new readers out there. We were asked some questions about how to use the Buffing Wheel Kit, from someone thinking about buying one. That’s tough to answer if you don’t have a kit to hand, as it’s sometimes hard to visualise a written description. Fortunately, there’s an easy answer to this, as we have a video on our YouTube channel about it. It’s part of our Finishing School series, which, if you haven’t already seen them, is worth having a look at. Probably not all in one go, though.

There’s lots going on this weekend! Stewart Furini is in Austria at the Neureiter Show, donning the green and black teeshirt for us, and demonstrating his various colouring and finishing techniques.

I’ll be at Makers Central and the NEC on Saturday and Sunday, working on the Turners Retreat stand. I’m looking forward to that, I’ve worked with them a number of times at shows and always had a great time. Do come and say hello if you’re there.
And there’s also Woodworks@Daventry taking place, if you’re in that area. Emma Cook will be there demonstrating, say hello from me if you see her!
As if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be at the Forest of Bere woodturners on Tuesday evening for a demo, looking forward to that. Can I take the rest of the month off?

Probably not, so I’ll be back here next week. See you then!