Here we are again – and ‘here’ for me means down in Somerset for the Yandles woodworking show in Martock. It’s a great event if you haven’t been; if it’s your first time visit, or if you’ve been dozens of times before, do be sure to come and say hello. We never know exactly where we’ll be, but we’re easy to find. Now for some questions…

Some time ago I mentioned that a caller wanted to touch in a very small area using Ebonising Lacquer, and it wasn’t possible to mask off to colour just that area. We suggested spraying some lacquer into a suitable receptacle and applying it with a paint brush.
Someone else contacted us this week doing exactly this, with success although as they said you need to be pretty quick with the brush! What they wanted to know, was how to clean the brush afterwards. As in so many cases, Cellulose Thinners is your friend on this one and it will clean up after most other things as well.

Will the Buffing Wheel Kit work on resin as well? we were asked. The wheels and the compounds are designed to work on a coated surface, not bare wood. The lacquers, oils and sealers are ideal for this, and a resin coat isn’t dissimilar, so they will work extremely well in this situation. Thus, if you’re making a wooden/resin hybrid piece you can use the buffing wheels on the whole item for a great result.

Staying with the Buffing Wheels, someone also asked if they need a different ‘C Wheel’ for each different type of wax they use to buff with. Just to clarify, the Carnauba Wax Stick is supplied in the kit and is perfect for the final buff, but Microcrystalline Wax in both the paste form and the stick version can be used – sparingly though for best results.
The good news for you (but not for our sales!) is that the same wheel can be used for all of the waxes, there’s no problem at all.

By the time you get our next Newsletter I’ll have not only been at the Yandles show, I’m also heading to Waveney Woodturners on Thursday for a demo. That one’s a bit closer to home!

I mentioned our Woodturning Weekender a lot in the last twelve months; the first one has now been and gone and was a huge success. If you haven’t seen them already we’ve put up some picture galleries of the event if you’d like to see what all the fuss was about.
And just in case you don’t know, we’re doing it all again next year with a few differences. Check out Woodturning Weekender for more information.

See you next week