Your weekly Q&A Session with Chestnut Products

Hello again, Happy Friday if you’re reading this fresh in your inbox!
We’ve had a very busy week, not a bad thing, I hope your week has been good too.

Our newest product Cut’n’Polish was the subject of this week’s first question, we were asked if it coloured the wood it was applied to as some abrasive waxes are prone to doing. Cut’n’Polish is completely clear and won’t have this effect, it won’t change the original colour at all.

The ‘best before’ dates on our Acrylic Lacquer and Acrylic Sanding Sealer also generated a question as to whether they could be used after the dates on the bottles. The answer is yes; the dates are a guideline only. As long as the product is still viscose enough to be applied with a brush (or sprayed) it can be used, it will dry as normal and give the same amount of protection. If the product has turned to a gel (normally a good 6-12 months after the best before date) then it’s time to get a fresh bottle!

And finally for this week, we were asked why our Tung Oil isn’t listed as Toy Safe…which is a good question and one we don’t have a proper answer for. We expect that it is toy safe, but we overlooked it when we sent our products for testing! We’ll include it in the next batch.

Well that’s it for now, we’ll be here same time, same place next week.
If you sent us a question about a quaich this week we did try to answer but the email bounced back, please contact us again.