Well, this is awkward. I’ve been pushing the livestream of our Woodturning Weekender a lot recently. I’m not really apologising, though. We’ve sold a good number of tickets, but still not enough to make it viable. What’s awkward is that if we don’t sell more, we’ll have to cancel, and everyone who has supported it will be very disappointed.

We’ve dropped the price to £25, extended the time to watch it (or re-watch it) to 90 days after the event, we’re even giving £10 off* purchases at the event to purchasers also attending the actual event!

Time is running out. We need to make a decision very soon. Avoid disappointment for you and others! Get your ticket now!

A question this week asked about a suitable finish for something that had been copper-leafed. Once the leaf had been applied, it’s no longer woodfinishing really, it rather becomes metal finishing (even if the metal is wrapping wood!). But that was fine, as the aim was to find something that would prevent the copper from tarnishing, and also protect the item from being handled.
My suggestion was our Acrylic Gloss Lacquer. It adheres perfectly to metal, and will prevent it reacting with the oxygen in the air, which is what causes it to tarnish. Whilst I say prevent, it’s not 100%, but it will slow the process down considerably. And, as you know, this lacquer is very hard-wearing, so it fits all requirements.

An email arrived asking about using our Carnauba Wax Stick to seal an unglazed earthenware plant pot, to make it less porous. Assistance was requested about how to apply it and to avoid yellow waxy deposits.

Part of the issue is that children would be using it, so safety is a consideration. I wondered, though, if the Microcrystalline Wax, in paste form, might not be a better option. As long as common sense is applied, it’s safe to use, it can even be applied by a brush to limit skin contact. It’s easy to apply, and this means it will spread well, leaving a thin film, which will avoid any build up which might show up when dry.

And completing our non-wood trio, a question this week which has been featured before, but it was asked again so I feel able to use it! Can our Spirit Stains be used to colour leather? The answer here is ‘absolutely yes!’. It is very successful for this, but we’d recommend a suitable polish be applied afterwards to make sure the stain stays where it should, especially if it’s used on something like a chair seat!

Did you see that we finally released the video we made with Stewart Furini last week? We had great fun doing it, and still managed to get an informative and helpful film out of it as well! If you haven’t seen it yet, and have some time to spare, you can see it HERE. (And make sure you stay to the end…)

I’ll be back again next week, and hope to see you then.