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Hello again

If you’re reading this as a subscriber I’ll be in Exeter now, preparing for the opening of the Woodwork and Power Tool Show at Westpoint. Which means that I’m writing this far in advance and am really pushed for time, so I’m going to cheat a little and use some questions from our new Facebook group. Haven’t you heard about it? We’ve called it ‘Conkers’ and it’s a group for all Chestnut Products users. Oh look, here’s a handy little button…

So on with the questions (and about time you say!)

What, we were asked, is a good finish for open segmented work? We suggest using one of the aerosols for this, due to the nature of the item; someone else mentioned an oil but we reckon that would be too messy with having to clean it out of the gaps.

It seems strange but we were asked about applying Spirit Stain over Ebonising Lacquer. It wouldn’t show, of course, but a popular method of decoration is to apply the lacquer then carve a pattern in it, exposing bare wood, which can then be stained. Whilst doing so it’s impossible to avoid getting stain on the lacquer, but if applied by a cloth it would remove it from the lacquer at the same time so this is quite acceptable.

Another poster asked if you can put too much oil on a piece or will it just keep absorbing in? Everything has a saturation point and after several coats of oil it will stop soaking in and start for form a film on the surface. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you shouldn’t overdo it as the oil could break down eventually and start peeling away from itself.

And what about putting lacquer on top of wax? That’s a definite no-no for several reasons. Wax doesn’t like other coatings on top of it apart from more wax and getting it to adhere would be a real problem. Also the wax isn’t a hard enough surface for a lacquer and it would eventually allow the lacquer to craze, not a desirable outcome.

Finally this week, we were asked what to use to clean an air brush after using Spirit Stain. Methylated Spirits is fine for this and probably the cheapest option, although Cellulose Thinners and Spirit Thinners will also do the job.

Well that was a lightning round-up this week, sorry, but hopefully there are a few little nuggets in there.
If you’re coming to Westpoint come over and say hello, and if not maybe I’ll see you in the coming weeks whilst on my tour of these isles (or at least that how it seems!)

Have a great weekend


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