Happy Friday!

And it’s been a bit of a week, so I’m pleased to be at the end of it, although I’m out on my travels again and will be working on Saturday at the Turner’s Retreat Open Day nr Doncaster. I say working, but the people there are lovely and look after me so well that it’s almost as good as a day off. Maybe see you there?

The number of readers grows every week, thank you if you’re a new subscriber. I’ll start this week with something we get asked about a number of times, regarding the Spirit Stains. These come as a ‘Starter Pack’ of small bottles, and these are sometimes confused as being concentrated versions of the larger bottles. They aren’t, they are exactly the same product, just in smaller, trial versions. They can be used as concentrates though as the stains can be diluted if required, using (in order of preference) Spirit Thinners, Cellulose Thinners or meths.
Spirit Thinners is perfect for the job, Cellulose Thinners works but will speed up the drying time and meths could taint the colour.
The stains can also be used to tint several of the other products in our range, so they’re pretty multi-purpose.

Still on the Spirit Stains, and I know this has come up before but it’s worth repeating, I was asked how well they mix. The answer is very well, they are designed to intermix perfectly opening up a whole new palette of available colours. Although the Yellow, Blue and Red aren’t strictly primary colours they will work very well and pretty much any colour you want can be created. The one to be wary of is the White, this is more difficult to get to mix, the best method with this one is to add the desired colour to the White, it will mix better that way (thanks again to Stewart Furini for that tip).

And finally for this week, I was asked recently why their Cellulose Sanding Sealer had gone solid when they added thinners to it. I was, frankly, baffled, as it’s pretty much impossible for this to happen. I couldn’t think of a good reason for it, so I dug a little deeper and asked for more information; specifically, for pictures of the materials used. It came to light that not only wasn’t it our brand of Cellulose Thinners that was used, it wasn’t even any brand of cellulose thinners, resin thinners had been used instead! It would appear they aren’t compatible!
But it brings me to a point, not only should you be careful which thinners you use to make sure that you pick up the right can, it’s better also to try and avoid ‘cheap’ thinners. I know it’s tempting to try and save some money on them, but they do vary dramatically in their make-up. Some will contain some cheaper solvents (you can always tell by the smell) which also aren’t very user-friendly. We’ve taken as many of the ‘nasties’ out of our Cellulose Thinners to give a purer solvent which will do the job each and every time.

Next Tuesday sees me at Yandles in Somerset for their ‘Focus on Finishing’ day, where I’ll be answering questions and talking polishing. Gary Rance will be demonstrating alongside me, if you haven’t seen him in action he has to be seen to be believed.
If Turner’s Retreat is the wrong end of the country for you maybe I’ll see you there instead?

And if not, you know where I’ll be next Friday – right back here!