Your weekly Q&A Session with Chestnut Products

Hello again

The evenings are certainly drawing in now, time to get back in the workshop!

It’s always nice to start with an easy question, we were asked how to clean brushes after using Spirit Stain. The answer is to use methylated spirit, that will do the job perfectly. You could use Spirit Thinners or Cellulose Thinners, they’ll do it just as well but are more expensive!

Another caller asked about using Burnishing Cream on WoodWax 22. We’d say no to this as a wax isn’t really hard enough for the action of Burnishing Cream, it’s as likely to strip it back.

In that case, the caller said, he’s using it over Hard Wax Oil, wouldn’t that make it harder? Again no, not really, but what we’d suggest is using the Burnishing Cream on the Hard Wax Oil (after allowing about 24 hours for it to harden off) and then use WoodWax 22 over that. There will be no problems with the wax sticking to the surface.

Next we were asked whether our Spirit Stains are toy safe. The answer is we don’t know, we haven’t had them tested. There’s a reason for that, the stains need a coating over the top of them and our experts told us that as long as the stains are completely covered by a toy safe finish that will do the job. We have lots of products in our range that are tested to EN71-3 meaning they are safe for toys.

And our last question this week is a little bit cheeky…we’ve been asked a number of times about previous editions of our newsletter for people who haven’t been with us from the beginning (where were you?!).
All of the newsletters since we started a couple of months ago are now on our website here if you ever need to refer back to them.

So that’s everything for this week, we’ll be back again next Friday!

Have a great weekend and week