Your weekly Q&A Session with Chestnut Products

We’ll be in Somerset when you get this, attending the Yandles show. Come and see us if you’re visiting!

Let’s start this week with a straightforward question, about Food Safe Finish. We were asked what to use to clean brushes after application, and the answer is just warm soapy water, Food Safe Finish is a fairly gentle product and doesn’t need any strong solvents to clean up.

We were also asked about using Acrylic Lacquer on a plaque that was going to be displayed outdoors. We advised using the aerosol version – Acrylic Gloss Lacquer – instead as this is much harder wearing and will stand up to the elements better.

Our NyWeb is always popular but it’s not always easy to remember which order to use it in, and we were asked about that this week. The grits are:
Green is 400 grit
Red is 600 grit
Orange is 1000 grit
White is non-abrasive (does not contain silicon carbide or aluminium oxide).
The way to remember this is that the initials, in order, spell GROW, which, as I’m fond of saying, is what trees do before they’re chopped down and put on a lathe!

A correspondent in Belgium asked if our Shellac Sanding Sealer has a shelf life – they’re making a detailed model, two years into the project they’re still going and so is the sealer but they were worried it might go off.
Happy to say that Shellac Sanding Sealer has a very long shelf life and although we couldn’t give any cast iron guarantees we’d expect it to be good for quite a few more years yet.

Last but not least, we were asked if it is possible to apply Acrylic Gloss Lacquer on top of Melamine Gloss Lacquer? The answer is that it’s ok to do this, although it’s not the best practise.
Using these the other way round though is a definite no-no.

We always like a happy ending, you might recall we were asked about using Hard Wax Oil on top of Finishing Oil to get a brighter finish. We suggested sticking with the Finishing Oil and using several coats with a light rub down in-between, here are the before and after pictures

That’s it for this week, we hope you’ve found that interesting, we’ll be at the European Woodworking Show in Essex next weekend collecting more questions!

See you then