When this Newsletter arrives in your inbox, I’ll be in Harrogate, in preparation for the North of England Woodworking Show. It’s an annual pilgrimage for us, and one we look forward to. It’s great to see so many of our friends and customers in one place, and we really enjoy catching up with everyone. Over the years we’ve come to know many of the other standholders too. so it’s always good to have a catch-up with them. If you’re coming along, I do hope you’ll come and say hello; we’ll be in the corner, as usual.

Let’s deal with a few questions. First off, this week, we were asked if our Air Brush Cleaner will clean a gun after using a cellulose-based product – such as Cellulose Sanding Sealer or Melamine Lacquer. The answer here, sadly, is no. The cleaner is designed for use with acrylic based products, so we’d recommend cleaning the airbrush through with Cellulose Thinners, then giving it a quick flush through with the Air Brush Cleaner as this helps to look after the seals etc and keep them in good condition.

Have you been following Nathanael Griffiths on ‘Handmade’ on Channel 4? Some of the creations on the show aren’t to our taste, but we’ve been constantly impressed with Nathanael’s work, and how he just gets on with it, without any drama.
This week’s ‘Big Build Challenge’ was to create a sculpture. Nathanael choose to make a Snowdon Beetle, and we were excited to see our Rainbow Waxes used to recreate the colours on it. This led to a question from a viewer who works with leather, asking if the waxes could be used to colour that.
These questions are always awkward to answer, as it is beyond our knowledge or experience of the product. Sometimes we’ll know that things won’t work – they might not be flexible enough, or have enough adhesion, and that’s simpler. But in a case like this, the best answer we can give is ‘probably’! Based on what we know about the waxes, we reckon it’ll work, but knowing next to nothing about leather, some testing is strongly recommended.
(Look out for Nathanael at Harrogate, he’ll be demonstrating on our stand during the weekend!)

Finally, for this week, a quick question about our Metallic Paints. You might already know that we’ve taken the difficult decision to discontinue them. We were asked if we still have stock of them? I hate having to drop products, it’s very annoying when you get used to – and enjoy –  using something, and it suddenly disappears. That’s why we announced this decision well in advance, to allow our customers to stock up if they wanted (at half-price!) and to be aware not to start a large project using it!
We still have stock of most of the colours, although we’ve run out of Gold (and Copper and White are running low), so we’re unable to produce the sample sets now.

That’s everything for this week. I’ll be heading down for breakfast soon, and hope that maybe I’ll see you over the weekend.
By the way, I’m planning another online Twixmas this year, and will be giving details soon. I’m looking for volunteers who might like to create some questions, just six, to use in certain rounds. If you’d like to help out, please let me know.

All the best