Well that’s another busy week pretty much over. I’m on my travels again as clubs are starting to reopen, and this week I was the guest of Dorset Woodturners Association, giving another demo about finishing. Thanks all for making me so welcome.
Orders are also ramping up, which is not being matched by supplies coming in. There’s no need to panic, but please do try not to leave any orders to the last minute, especially if you want them for Christmas (it’s November, I’m allowed to mention it!).
I’ve got a couple of dates for you to note at the end of this Newsletter, please make sure you jot them down.

I was asked a few questions about our Buffing System at this week’s demo, and with the festive season coming up it just might be something that some of you are thinking about mentioning to Santa, so I thought I’d try and answer those questions and more…

I was genuinely asked by someone about what to do with those lovely pieces you’ve created that friends, family, neighbours etc have admired – but have to to pick up to do so. These pieces might no longer look as good as when first finished. This is one of the main purposes of the Buffing System. As long as the original finish is sound, and hasn’t been seriously damaged, the Buffing Wheels will bring the piece back to its original glory. What’s particularly good about this is that the item doesn’t need to be remounted (which in many cases wouldn’t be possible anyway). Simply mount the wheels on the lathe and hold the work against it, always in the bottom quarter of the wheel, and let it do its magic. It’s hard to beat for restoring the finish.

Of course, the other major use for the Buffing Wheels is as a shortcut to a great finish on new work. But always bear in mind, it’s not for polishing bare wood, the system needs a coating on the timber in order to work properly.
It will buff Cellulose Sanding Sealer, and all of the Lacquers (best not to use it on Ebonising Lacquer though as it will probably contaminate the wheel), Finishing Oil and Hard Wax Oil. A stick of Carnauba Wax comes in the kit, but the C Wheel can also be used with Microcrystalline Wax, in either the paste or stick form. Simply work through the wheels in order to achieve an amazing shine on your work.

And if you’re only making small items and think that the Buffing Tree is the one for you, that’s fine. But remember, the wheels on the tree are only 6 inch (not like the 8 inch wheels in the kit) and designed to be used on smaller items. It’s a real boon for these, but don’t try to buff large bowls with it.
The Buffing Tree box contains exactly that; it does NOT come with the mandrels and compounds etc. That’s deliberate, because many people already have them, and won’t need another set. It would simply increase the cost to include them, which wouldn’t be popular. But if you don’t already have the mandrels and compounds you will need them in order to use the Tree, so make sure you ask Santa nicely for the Buffing Accessory Pack as well. Of course, once you’ve got that, you could add the individual 8 inch wheels to the set afterwards. And the Dome Buffs!

There are a couple of videos on our YouTube channel about the Buffing Systems. Please be sure to watch them as they’re very useful and should help you decide which one (if any) is the right one for you. And if you’re still unsure, give us a call. We’d really rather you didn’t buy one at all than buy the wrong one!

Now, I mentioned last week that we’re holding another quiz soon, next Friday (12 November) in fact. Here’s the link we promised.
There’s a reason we’ve chosen that date; as near as I can figure it out, it’ll be Chestnut Products’ 30th Birthday! So I hope you’ll come along and join in the quiz, and help make it a bit of a party.
And as it’s a Friday, we’re going to do a special Newsletter. Do you have a question about Chestnut Products that you’ve always wondered about? Our history, the people, maybe something about the Woodturning Weekender or Conkers LIVE? Here’s your chance to find out. Just send in your questions and we’ll answer at least some of them here. Of course, if you don’t send them in, it’ll just be more of my normal ramblings next week!

Don’t forget also the AWGB Virtual Seminar taking place on 13-14 November, and our Conkers LIVE with Les Thorne on 15 November.
I told you there were lots of dates to make a note of. Maybe you need a calendar to write them in..!

I think that’s enough for one week, but I’ll be back here next week, maybe with a party hat on, and I hope I’ll see you then!

All the best