Hello again

(I use the word ‘again’ carefully, after last week! Apologies for that, hopefully back to normal now).
If you’re new here, especially having signed up at my demo in Bracknell on Wednesday, a warm welcome to you and a sincere ‘Thank you’ for such an enjoyable evening and for the kind comments received afterwards.
So let’s answer some questions…

Here’s an interesting one. A caller had made a number of  bowls and finished them with Food Safe Finish. So far so good, but they wanted to put them in a gallery and put small price labels on them – and nothing would stick to the bowls. This one nearly had me stumped, as that’s the nature of Food Safe Finish (and Lemon Oil as well, incidentally). The solution we came up with was to apply a wax over the oil on the required areas, sealing it in which allowed the label to stay put!

This one came in by email, asking for a finish for a wooden soap dish. That’s a real tough one, it’s asking a lot of any coating to stand up to that sort of use. In the end we opted for Lemon Oil. It will soak into and protect the timber, there’s nothing to flake off and spoil the appearance, and it won’t change the colour. It’s also water resistant so should last quite a while too.

Finally for this week, someone contacted us who was sanding a floor down and plans to colour it with our Spirit Stain. Should he apply a coating over the top? Definitely yes! The stain will colour the wood but it won’t protect the timber and any spills might affect the stain as well. And of course this applies universally for stains, not just on floors. There are lots of choices out there for flooring, from our range we’d suggest our Finishing Oil or Hard Wax Oil.

There’s a theory that you should always leave your audience wanting more…so, ever hopeful, that’s what I’m going to do and will stop here.
I’ll  be  back next week with more, have a good week.

All the best