A couple of apologies: first, I’m sorry for writing to you twice in one day. Hearing from me once a week is more than enough for most people!
It’s ironic that I started this morning’s Newlsetter saying that you hadn’t missed anything – and then half of the text was missing.
I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve been asked if we can resend it complete as (I’m flattered to say) some people keep the Newsletters in a special folder to later reference. Thank you.
Again, I’m sorry for this glitch and for pestering you again.


Don’t worry, you haven’t missed any, this is the first Newsletter of 2019 – I hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year. Are you ready for some questions?

A nice gentle one to start with…an emailer asked what is Spirit Sanding Sealer and why we don’t make one? Spirit Sanding Sealer is a cheap version of Shellac Sanding Sealer – same solvent base (meths) but but without shellac, instead is uses a cheaper substitute. The price of shellac has rocketed in past years but it’s still the best product for the job so we’ve stuck with it, absorbed as many of the increases as we can and proudly continue to sell it as the best for the job that it’s designed for.

We’ve also been asked a couple of times about how to change the wheels on the Buffing Tree. The answer is that for safety reasons the Tree isn’t designed to be taken apart. We tried to make it possible but the extra costs of having parts made to allow outweighed the potential savings from changing the wheels. And bearing in mind that the wheels will last several years in normal use it’ll be a long time before anyone needs to even think about this.

Finally this week…you’ll recall we made our Compatibility Chart available last year. We’ve had a couple of comments that readers have seen professionals do something that we don’t recommend. That happens a lot unfortunately.
The answer is that when working on small items, as is often the case on turning, the rules will give a little – 99 times out of a 100. It’s only when one goes wrong that you realise that it doesn’t always work. The Compatibility Chart shows best practise, what will work EVERY time; ignore it at your peril!

So what are your plans for 2019? Any major new projects? We’ve got lots going on as always, and when we have something new we’ll point you towards it if you want to find out more.
The big thing for us this year of course is our Woodturning Weekender – our belated 25th Birthday Party! If you’ve got some Christmas money left over you could do worse than have a look at it – just click the link.

I’ll be back next week, look forward to seeing you then.



STOP PRESS! Ok, well it’s probably not that exciting, but I’ve just been asked to step in at the last minute at Berkshire Woodturners Association to do a demo next Wednesday. First one of the year, many more to come. If you’re there please come and say hello!!