Welcome to the penultimate Newsletter of 2018! Before going any further a quick thank you to everyone who wrote last week commenting about the Compatibility Chart, probably one of our most popular items ever. There were a couple of very minor errors in it but nothing that affects the information in it, thank you to those who pointed them out.

I was asked this week about decanting Cellulose Sanding Sealer into a jar to make it easier to use with a brush. We can’t condone this as it would mean that the product would be stored in a container not displaying the appropriate warnings, so really the product would have to be poured back into the tin after each use. But if you do pour the sealer into a jar (temporarily) to make it easier to use one of the advantages is that if you use the same brush each time you won’t need to clean it. It will go stiff as the sealer dries, but if you put it in the sealer a couple of minutes before you want to use it the sealer will redissolve and the brush will be usable again.

I think that Santa will be delivering a lot of Buffing Wheel Kits this year judging by how many he’s ordered, and we’ve had a number of questions asking if the mandrel will be compatible with certain chucks. We’re confident that the mandrel will fit most (probably all) chucks out there; the mandrel is stepped at 18mm and 25mm, as long as the jaws will grip something of that diameter the mandrel will be compatible.

On the subject of the Buffing Wheel Kit another email this week was from someone who had put the instructions for the kit in ‘a safe place’. You know what’s coming next…
We were happy to be able to email out a set of instructions for the kit to get him going again.
We have a couple of buffing videos very nearly ready to put out, and because we’ve been told you’ve been good this year here’s a sneak preview of one of them, a quick two minute run-through of the Buffing Wheel process. The full length video will be available soon.

And that’s about it for this week, I hope all is going well with you and I’ll see you here next week for (probably) the last time this year.

Take care