Hello again, and a huge thank you to all the Newsletter readers who came along and said hello at Westpoint last week, it really does make my day so if you’re at the Toolpost Open Day this weekend you know what to do!

The weather has really turned now, and we’ve been asked about storing the Acrylic Lacquer and Acrylic Sanding Sealer at this time of year. If your workshop gets very cold it might be best to move these products (and the End Seal) indoors for the winter. If they get damaged by frost they will be rendered useless, the damage cannot be reversed. If affected, the liquid will form into ice crystals. The aerosol acrylics aren’t prone to frost damage.

Last week I mentioned that Microcrystalline Wax has been tested and passed for food safety and I was asked if this covers both versions of this product – the one in the tin and also the Microcrystalline Wax Stick. The formulation and raw materials used are the same, except that the paste version has a solvent in it. The dried film is exactly the same so both versions are food safe.

Another question about our Iridescent Paint, this time about cleaning airbrushes. Can water be used? Yes it can, water will remove most if not all of the paint from the equipment used, but we’d recommend a flush through with either Cellulose Thinners or Spirit Thinners to ensure that absolutely all of the paint has been removed.

And that’s where I’ll leave you this week, maybe see you at the weekend, if you aren’t already taking part don’t forget our Facebook page and group ‘Conkers’ and I’ll see you in seven when the build-up to the Harrogate show will have started!