Hello again

When this is delivered to you I’ll be at the Yandles Show in Martock, Somerset (as you’ll know if you were paying attention last week). If you’re heading down there please do come and say hello and mention that you’re a Newsletter subscriber (Chestnuteer?).

Someone contacted us this week who was turning some plaques that will be displayed outdoors, and was asking for a recommendation on what to use. The caller preferred to use a lacquer so we suggested the Acrylic Gloss Lacquer for this. It’s tough and hardwearing, easy to use, shouldn’t react with the signwriting on the plaque so it ticks pretty much all of the boxes.

We were able to recommend the Acrylic Gloss Lacquer to someone else this week too, when asked about a finish for a part carved, part turned piece. This again was to be used outdoors, and because of the intricacy of the carved area the spray application is perfect as it will avoid any build up pf lacquer in corners and crevices.

A product we rarely get questions about is our End Seal; it’s a very simple product, basically an emulsified paraffin wax for sealing the ends of timber to slow the drying process and prevent splitting. But apparently it has another use, we’ve been asked about using it on the end of decking, something we have heard of but have no experience of. The reports we have had are that it works very well for this, so if you’re thinking of some pre-winter garden maintenance this could be an option!

Last week I put a couple of buttons in the Newsletter to tell about our Weekender; I didn’t explain properly that they wouldn’t work until the day after, bit daft really, so apologies if you tried them and nothing happened. I’ve put one in again this week to take you straight to the Weekender website, it’ll work this time (fingers crossed!).

I’ll sign off now, don’t forget to say ‘hi’ if you’re at Yandles and as always if you have any questions from any of the above, or about anything else, just hit reply and let me know.

Take care