Hello everyone!

(We should come up with a collective noun for our Newsletter readers, any suggestions?)
Great to have you along, someone told me that the Newsletter acts as a reminder that the weekend is nearly here..but working in a school every day is a weekend at the moment. Thanks for that. The ‘official’ weekend is nearly here.

So what’s been being asked this week? (Someone asked me a question and said I could put it in the Newsletter and now I’ve completely forgotten what it was!!)
But someone did ask about our Melamine Lacquer, saying they were having difficulty with it on larger items. Which is to be expected. It’s probably the most finnicky product we have in our range, but there are some good workarounds to get better results with it. The first one is to remember not to shake it, this can introduce air bubbles into the liquid which can cause problems. And if working on a large area thin it down (up to 25%) with Cellulose Thinners. This will make it easier to spread and also help it flow out better, to give a smoother surface. And if all else fails, a light sand (if needed) and a treatment with Burnishing Cream will help bring up a brighter finish.

We’ve just had what some people are calling a heatwave and others are just referring to as ‘Summer’.  But whatever you call it hot weather can be as disruptive to finishing as cold weather.
Finishes will be flow much easier, making it easier to put too much on. Drying time will also be speeded up, which means you need to work even quicker with some products. And some items such as waxes will melt and turn to liquid. They will re-set without any adverse effects, but you’ll need to allow that to happen in order to get the best from using them. All in all, even if you can get into the workshop when it’s as hot as it has been, it might be best to leave the finishing part of your projects to the evening when it’s starting to cool down.

Finally, question wise, is a two-part question. Both quite easy to answer. First off, we didn’t we answer someone’s email? Well I can categorically state that if we get an email and it needs an answer (and sometimes even if it doesn’t) we always reply. If we don’t answer, the email didn’t get to us for some reason.
And the caller was asking about our Toy Safe products and if we can back up this claim, the answer to which is yes, we have certificates from the testing laboratory for all of our Toy Safe products, all available upon request.

And at last…(cue fanfare)…I can give you more details about what we’re planning for August 2019. Well sort of… We’re very strict with ourselves that we don’t use the Newsletter for marketing or sales, and this could fall into that category so instead here’s a button, click on it to get all the information!

Have a great week and I’ll be back next Friday!


PS Thanks to Hal all the way from Oregon for letting me know that further to a comment made last week there are 256 shades of Grey. More trivia for you!