Hello again

First off, an apology, I tried to tidy up the format of the Newsletter last week – and instead made it look like a dog’s dinner. Sorry!
Hopefully – with the help of my webmaster – it’s better this week.

An interesting question this week asked us the difference between yacht varnish and Melamine Lacquer. Where to begin??
Apart from the drying time (Melamine is faster), clarity (Melamine is clearer) and toughness (Melamine is tougher) one of the main differences is that a traditional varnish retains its flexibility, so that a heavy, sharp object placed on it can make an indent into the varnish, which doesn’t happen with Melamine.

Another email, with the heading ‘Simple Question’ asked which of our products would be suitable to seal and protect a horseshoe that was going be mounted and hung indoors. There are a number of considerations to take into account on something like this but as the horseshoe was in good condition we opted for the Acrylic Gloss Lacquer.

Often at demos I’m asked what to do with wax that has dried out. We had an interesting and fun email this week with a different answer to our normal one…I’ve pasted it here:

‘Last year I was near the last of my Microcrystalline Wax and for some reason it was hard work to buff it up so I bought a new tin. Being a little what some refer to as mean I did not throw the tin away. At least once a week I wax my lathe bed using a well known product for such a job, recently I bought a new Bandsaw which came with a free tin of machine wax which I tried on the lathe bed, it worked well and was less messy. The following week I thought of that tin of Microcrystalline that I never threw out and wiped some over the lathe bed, left it a few minutes to dry and buffed it up, wow the heavy tailstock just glides along the bed as if on a sheet of ice I now even wipe some on top of the tool rest and the chisels slide smoother. What a great multipurpose product.’

It’s always good to learn something new about our products!

And that’s me for another week, thank you for keeping with us and reading our newsletter, we’ll be back again next week.

All the best


PS This is probably too early to mention it, but I’m going to anyway. We’re planning something for next year and whilst we wouldn’t expect you to plan your holidays and things around us if you keep the 3 and 4 August 2019 free that could be useful!
More details will follow!