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So this week’s questions kicks off with one about our new Iridescent Paint, although it applies equally to Spirit Stain, and that is what is the best product to put over the top of it to prevent the colours running?
I always favour the acrylic aerosol lacquers; the coating hits the surface and dries, whereas with a brushing finish the action of dragging the brush across the surface can move the colour. Brush applied lacquers can be used but extra care is needed.

Another correspondent asked about the shelf life of our Spirit Stains. We don’t give them an exact shelf life and we can’t realistically guarantee them for more than a year, but our experience is that they go on and on, stored correctly we would expect them to be good for at least five years and probably longer!

I mentioned our Iridescent Paints the other week and we have been asked what we mean by ‘iridescent’.
Iridescent Paints use a special pigment that is almost metallic in appearance; they are usually very bright indeed and commonly used on a black background to really make them stand out. They also give a very slight colour change, more a shift in hue when viewed from different angles, making them great for use on irregular surfaces as well as flat ones.
The best example I can think of that people will be familiar with is the feather on the neck of a duck, the way the greens and blues shine and change.

A long weekend this week then I’m off to see my good friends at Lincolnshire Wolds Woodturning Association, who are great supporters of Chestnut Products and nice people too. I’m looking forward to a fun evening.

And if I’m not seeing you there, I’ll see you here next week!