Your weekly Q&A Session with Chestnut Products

Hello and Happy Easter Weekend. I hope you’ve got some nice plans.

I was at the show in Newark last weekend and a sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who commented about the Newsletter; all positive I’m pleased to say and often just a word or two in passing, but sometimes it is a struggle to get them out each week so this kindness is much appreciated. And thanks also to those of you who replied to say they couldn’t make it to the show,  also appreciated.

I picked up a few questions during the show, it was very busy indeed and the first one was a bit worrying. Someone said they’d seen that it was ok to use Cellulose Sanding Sealer over Finishing Oil and asked if this was correct. NO! Definitely not, for so many reasons.
Firstly the solvents in the sealer are likely to attack the oil; then the nature of the oil will stop the sealer from adhering properly leading to the sealer coming off and finally the oil is a relatively soft/flexible coating and it could give, causing the (for want of a better word) brittle sealer to crack.

I was also asked about the gloss level of the Ebonising Lacquer. It’s designed to give a similar effect to bare ebony, so it’s a satin sheen, but this can be increased in several ways; you can use Burnishing Cream or Cut’n’Polish, or you can apply the Acrylic Gloss Lacquer over the Ebonising Lacquer.

There was one question that came up a number of times at the show, it’s a very minor thing and I can’t remember having been asked it before, which was ‘how big are our Buffing Wheels?’. (Perhaps people were just comparing them to others, I don’t know). Anyway, we have two sizes of wheel, the large are 8 inch diameter and the small are 4 inch diameter. Both sizes come in the A, B and C cotton grades.

I’ll have been back to the Newark area for a demo on Wednesday by the time you read this (bad planning I know, but the date of the demo had to be changed) and then over to Dorset next week. Say hello if you’re there!
Enjoy the rest of your Easter and I’ll be on your computer again next week.

All the best