Your weekly Q&A Session with Chestnut Products

Hello again! Don’t Fridays come round quickly!?

Our first question this week concerns CA Superglue; we were asked why using the Accelerator on this makes it go white. This is part of the reaction in making it dry quicker, but it can be prevented easily. If the glue goes white this usually means that too much Accelerator is being used. It requires only the minimum amount of Accelerator to do the job, so if the glue is going white use less!

One caller recently had had a hearth shelf fitted that was finished with Friction Polish; she loved the look of it and wanted to refinish an old table in the same way. We had to advise against this as the Friction Polish wouldn’t be hardwearing enough. We have two options in cases like this, and as our caller wasn’t overly confident in her finishing skills we suggested the Hard Wax Oil, which will give a tough, resilient coating but is also slow drying enough to flow out to give a nice even finish.

Another emailer asked if our WoodWax 22 is food safe. We’re still investigating this, but we’ve recently had our Microcrystalline Wax tested for food contact and were able to say that this would be a great option to use on any items coming into contact with food.

“What,” we were asked, “can be applied over Ebonising Lacquer?”
Ebonising Lacquer is a finish in its own right so it can be left with nothing over the top of it. If a higher gloss is required then Burnishing Cream can be used to achieve this, or Acrylic Gloss Lacquer can be applied onto the Ebonising Lacquer. (Acrylic Satin Lacquer can also be used and this would maintain the satin finish of the Ebonising Lacquer). Finally, any of our waxes can be used and these can also increase the gloss level if desired.

Lastly for this week we’re returning to Liming Wax, we were asked if it’s necessary to put something on top of this. The answer is yes, Liming Wax isn’t very hard wearing nor does it give much of a gloss, it is mainly decorative, so we suggest either a wax (WoodWax 22 or Microcrystalline Wax are ideal) or Finishing Oil or Hard Wax Oil if a harder wearing surface is needed.

We’re at the Charnwood Open Day on Saturday 19th, so do come along and say hello if you’re going there too!