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Finishing is an important and sometimes overlooked part of the creation of a great piece.

It shouldn’t be ‘that bit you have to do after making something’, it should be included as part of the planning and preparation process.

Good finishing will enhance an item and show it off at its best; poor finishing will detract from the appearance and can spoil an otherwise great item.

At Chestnut Products we believe that finishing should be quick and it should be easy. Whilst finishing requires time and patience the products used should be easy to use, quick drying where possible and should do the job first time.

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Our range includes

Whatever your chosen woodworking discipline there’s sure to be something here to interest you.

Some of our featured products

  • Acrylic Gloss Lacquer

    Acrylic Gloss Lacquer – 400ml

  • Ebonising Lacquer – 400ml

  • Melamine Gloss Lacquer – 400ml

  • Acrylic Satin Lacquer – 400ml

  • Spirit Stain Kit (Wood Colours)

  • Iridescent Paint Starter Set

  • AeroGun

  • A2 Compatibility Chart

  • Vinyl Gloves

  • Liming Brush

  • Spray Diffusers (Pack of 2)

  • Small Round Brush

  • Gift Packaging


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