Come and see us hard at work

(in between long coffee breaks that is)

You can see our products being demonstrated (and sold!) at

the following exhibitions and in-house shows:

24 - 25 March - The Midlands Woodworking Show, Newark
7-8 April - Yandles Spring Woodworking Show, Martock, Somerset
8-9 September - Yandles Autumn Woodworking Show, Martock, Somerset
16-17 September - European Woodworking Show, Cressing Temple, Essex
28-29 October - South West Woodworking Show, Westpoint, Devon
17-19 November - North of England Woodworking Show, Harrogate, Yorkshire






All details supplied are correct to the best of our knowledge. Please check before travelling


It might surprise you to know that exhibitions are hard work but we do enjoy doing them and meeting old friends and making new ones. Some strange things happen at shows however, which has prompted us to create the following, which are all based on genuine events!

Exhibition Etiquette

Stick Waxes vary in their hardness; it is quite acceptable to ask about this and even to test our sticks carefully with a thumbnail. It is not acceptable to bite the tip off to test it.

The area in front of our stand, blocking access for others, is not the place to have a reunion with the friends that haven’t been seen for ten years.

After allowing us to spend ten minutes (or more!) going through their process step by step because someone tells us they can’t get the same results as us is not a good time to tell us that they are using another manufacturer’s products

Further to the above, telling us that all the manufacturers are basically the same anyway does not improve the situation; if this were the case then why do our products give the results others can’t?

Please remember that exhibitions are very noisy places! We genuinely enjoy answering questions and chatting to visitors in general so please speak up when talking to us; we're not as young as we used to be!

There are usually plenty of bins around the hall. Empty flat areas on our stand are not there for rubbish

Just because some of our products are slightly mechanical doesn’t mean they need to be taken apart. Would anyone do that with the TVs in an electrical shop?


We are lucky enough to occassionally be invited onto other people's stands to sell our products. When we are, we do not appreciate it if we give a long demonstration answering as many questions as possible only to be asked if we sell a competitor's product


Feel free to look at our products and read the labels (see point below) but please put the can back where it came from (and the right way round)! People frequently ask for a product they can't find, simply because it has been hidden by another can put back in the wrong place

By all means read the labels on our products looking for a certain bit of information but don’t be afraid to ask us about it. It’s what we’re there for and we can probably tell you quicker and in more detail than what is on the label