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Useful Computer Stuff
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Protect your computer from unwanted attention from hackers and other malicious people.
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Not sure what time it is? Always be on time with your own atomic clock on your computer!
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Woodworking Stuff

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We'd like to bring a new series of DVDs to your attention.
The first of these shows easy to make jigs and gadgets for use in the workshop to make your woodworking easier and more accurate. We've watched it and it is very informative but fun and interesting to watch at the same time. It is well presented in an easy to follow manner and whilst very professional it doesn't take itself too seriously, something we always admire.
These DVDs aren't really aimed at the woodturner, but if you're a bit of an all-rounder we reckon you'll find these very interesting and well worth investing in. Click on the banner above to go to the site.

Clubs and Organisations.

UK Workshop

A web-based 'club' with loads of information and a very busy forum section, frequented by us!

The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB)
Cheam Woodturners
Lincolnshire Wolds Woodturning Association

Merseyside Woodturners Association
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